Ecloud Cloud Platform
Following the technical philosophy of openness, standardization, and flexibility, we are dedicated to construction of Ecloud industry video cloud platform tallying with industry demands and features for customers. Such platform will provide customers with all-around and instant video cloud services such as aggregation, transcoding, processing, storage, management, publication, etc., provide customers with cloud architecture-based video solution featuring integration of multi-service, multi-function, multi-terminal, and multi-network, support public cloud, private cloud, exclusive cloud deployment, and support real-time publication of various terminals. It will meet all of your demands on video services with highest efficiency, lowest cost, and strongest safety guarantee, help you to face new challenges, and realize new leaps in the era of mobile Internet.

[Design philosophy]

Application orientation + product modularization: Full understanding and extraction of industry demands, provision of multiple and a wide variety of applications in the form of modularization. Customers can, according to their demands, check freely, and construct the unique cloud platform application (SaaS);

Multi-function: Recording, fast editing, image matting, splitting, transcoding, technical review, media asset management (PaaS)

Multi-service: live broadcasting, on-demand broadcasting, carousel (PaaS)

Multi-terminal: PC-web, mobile-APP, OTT-TV (PaaS)

Value added service: On-line transaction system, cinema advertising system, big data statistic analysis system, public service platform docking (PaaS)

Openness and flexibility: Respecting characteristics of industry businesses, fully supporting the construction of multiple infrastructure platforms (IaaS), providing customers with free choice.

[Platform characteristics]

[Platform core functions]

 Cloud transcoding service under flexible management

 Fast coding service anytime and anywhere

 Deep search of resources

 Cloud cataloging

Technical characteristics

Realization of fast cataloging of cloud platform

Realization of self-defining of key points of catalog

Dotting of fragments of knowledge points

Subtitle, dubbing, film leader and tail leader packing

Management and publication of remote centralized unified cataloging

 Cloud production

Technical characteristics

Concurrent cooperation of multiple persons on the same resource

Realization of cloud real-time editing and packaging production on the local computer

Local caching of cloud pictures

Smart pictures push with self-adaptation bandwidth

Full-frame high-definition static-frame edit mode

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