ProPark Post Production Service

ProPark post production service solution is a kind of brand new and comprehensive post production service solution specially made by China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited for customers engaged in such industries as education, medial treatment, government and enterprises, court hearing, etc.

ProPark post production service solution will bring you the brand new value embodiment of “brand + platform + service + product”, authoritative brand in the industry, communication and sharing platform, private customized service, top professional product, will help you to rapidly and breezily enjoy the complete post production flow service and enjoy the exclusive media customization life.

ProPark is born to provide users with professional, dedicated and concentrative “dedicated services” and powerful hard-power support via the powerful and professional post production products of CDV; meanwhile, the professional post production service team of CDV will provide exclusive and private customized services; through the ProPark platform, you can choose the desired post-packaging template, and easily complete the top visual effect work; the Internet forum of ProPark platform will provide you with a new space for trade technical exchange; the training videos of ProPark platform will help you to rapidly grasp the post production pulse and realize technological leapfrogging.

Core value of ProPark post production service

1.ProPark post production service platform can provide users of Feitian Editing Synthesis System with post value-added customized service, including free and paid design and production of film leader packaging template, subtitle template, video transition template, etc., and customized service of video editing and post packing.

2.Users of Mariana.5D online graphics packaging system can, via the ProPark post production service platform, submit customization demands of online packaging template to easily realize real-time and efficient communication, and get result feedback quickly.

3.Users of Mariana.VS virtual studio system can, via the private customization channel of ProPark post production service platform, submit design demands on virtual studio background, and professional designers will provide one-to-one design service.

4.Internet forum of the ProPark post production service platform, characterized by clear module and rich contents, is good for communication and sharing among professional designers.

5.Private customized service of the ProPark post production service platform refers to such whole-flow customized service as high-quality demand analysis, script design, post production, after-sales service provided by the senior design team of CDV. It is a kind of one-stop post production customization service.

6.ProPark post production service platform provides template sharing area, through which, users can directly share templates designed by themselves, exchange production experience, and obtain more services.

7.ProPark post production service platform provides new consultation channel for after-sales services of products, via which, users can rapidly communicate with staffs on product problems in a zero-day manner to solve the after-sales service-related worries.

8.ProPark post production service platform provides training services of post production. Via the on-demand course, users can learn the post production techniques.

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