Large Packaging Visual Art Integration Service
The visual art design and integration team of CDV, guided by the application direction of new media of contemporary art, dominated by the visual art effects, based on the omni-media technology, with the service of program recording effects as the starting point, provides large packaging visual art integrated design services to television media, and services mainly include: overall packaging of channel, overall packaging of program, design and application of virtual reality and augmented reality, stage design of studio, guidance on program application and planning. Specifically, the following aspects are covered:

1.Design and construction of omni-media studio:

1.1 Application association between stage design and lighting design with the stage and program;

1.2 Construction of studio, including stage construction, construction of visual design contents, construction of system integration, all-round guarantee of program recording and effects;
2.Application planning and research & development of program form, accompanying in-depth service;

2.1 Guidance and cooperation on the program site;

2.2 Guidance and suggestion on the broadcasting style of the compere and the broadcasting flow;

2.3 Accompanying form research & development based on in-depth cooperation with the program, in-depth accompanying service, or joint research & development of new program based on putting to good use features of both;

2.4 Guidance on the program recording flow and costume and bearing of the compere;

3.Design and implementation of program packaging:
3.1 Combination between the design of overall packaging of the program and stage design of the studio;

3.2 Seamless connection between the overall packaging of the program and studio lenses;

3.3 Graphic and text template-related accompanying service of overall packaging design of the program, design expansion and field implementation at any time according to big events;

4. Customization and design of screen visual contents and production:

4.1 Design of screen visual contents according to program application planning, type, contents and program recording flow;

4.2 Accompanying in-depth service, fast design and production of screen visual contents according to big event contents of the program;

4.3 Omni-media technology embedding enabling the screen turning into information issuing platform based on the visual design mode;

5. In-depth design and accompanying service based on combination between virtual reality and program type and contents:

5.1 Designing multiple dynamic virtual reality interaction scenarios based on program flow and type to enrich the program visual contents and effects;

5.2 For in-depth reporting and tracking and comment contents of the program, dynamic interaction scenario restoring can be designed;

5.3 In-depth accompanying service quickly responds to program content demands, design and production of dynamic interaction scenario;

6. In-depth design and accompanying service for augmented reality program type and broadcasting contents:

Designing the augmented reality module contents according to program contents and flow to enhance the program visuality and interactivity.

Perfection of the visual art design can not do without support of the innovative technology system. CDV has studio graphic and text packaging system with proprietary intellectual property rights, whose stable and efficient 3D rendering engine provides visual art creation with perfect guarantee and technical support and makes unlimited creativity possible.

1. On-line graphic and text packaging Mariana.5D, virtual studio Mariana.VS, virtual graphic and text (or virtual foreground, augmented reality, virtuality and reality combination)Mariana.VG, large-screen background graphic and text system Mariana.DP/DC, touching and commenting system Mariana.TouchPro, stage screen (triple screen) broadcasting control system, 3D character generator Mariana.A10, information collecting system InfoBridge, studio integrated dispatching system Kalajan, collaborative editing CoEdit, virtualized graphic and text production and editing solution.

2. All graphic and text rendering products have the uniform production platform, with engineering documents being compatible, and the learning curves used for training being optimal; each graphic and text equipment can be backup for each other;

3. The system has powerful 3D rendering engine, the background large screen supports 4K~8K resolution. 16K background large screen can be supported via rendering equipment concatenation; the background large screen, via I/O board card, supports production of 3D special effects with 8-channel high-definition video signals; the rendering engine supports above 5,000,000 triangle patch scenario real-time rendering;

4. The unique image recognition-based camera motion tracking and positioning algorithm (patented), one-key positioning, high tracking accuracy. It is the only domestic product equal to international brands in SMG and CCTV comparison test.

5. The whole product line exclusively passed rigorous test by CCTV, being the only domestic product used in batches by CCTV.

6. With the unique animation technology where scenarios are controlled by VB script, accurate and flexible dynamic scenarios can be realized;

7. The unique studio information collecting system functions as the information center, and supports real-time interaction with social media (microblog, WeChat, and short message); data of the information center can be released to such graphic and text systems as packaging, large screen, comment, virtuality and reality, etc. in the one-key manner.

8. The unique studio integrated dispatching system can be used to synchronously switch stage, online packaging, virtual foreground, large screen, commenting, etc. according to program demands, and multi-screen integration (for example, if a tank is rendered in a real-time manner in the background large screen, a tank can appear in front of the compere as the virtual foreground in the seamless dynamic matter, which makes the program more vivid) can be realized;

9. The unique studio integrated graphic and text application virtualization solution (optional, integrating Citrix virtualization technology) optimizes equipment and resources occupancy, and realizes flexible deployment;

10. The unique collaborative editing workflow engine CoEdit contributes to safe and convenient management of templates, broadcast list, etc.

Key words: Online packaging  Graphic and text creation  Visual art  Omni-media studio

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