Service of Variety Show Field Production
Based on its CreaStudio multi-channel gathering and editing system, CDV provides radio and television agencies with integrated solution and whole-process technical service covering multi-channel recording, editing at the variety show field and broadcasting or submission of documents to a third-party broadcasting system for broadcasting.CDV innovatively employs the much more efficient and convenient professional technique service mode to enrich the field recording, production and broadcasting modes of various variety shows and large-scale sports programs for customers. The following functions can be realized easily:

System functions

1. Integration of multi-channel acquisition, editing and broadcasting;

2. Single-camera 8-channel synchronous recording and broadcasting, random combination of channels;

3. 4K multi-format recording (XAVX\ MJPEG \MPEG-I);

4. Supporting double writing of materials, transfer, information being safe and reliable;

5. Supporting segmented recording, fast editing in post Production;

6. Self-defining time by the clock generator, synchronous recording of TC code;

7. Supporting recording with hard-disk with super large volume, more convenient to carry;

8. Inheritance of log keeping and selection of information, interaction with such third-party systems as Apple\Avid, materials and engineering.

9. Supporting playback of quick/slow action;

10. Seamless integration with OnAir omni media cloud platform;

11. Supporting multi-channel on-demand broadcasting service.

Take technical services for two programs as examples:

Perfect Dating of Guizhou Satellite Television:

CS system helps Guizhou Satellite Television to easily realize romantic meeting across more than 2,000 kilometers!

Perfect Dating, a romantic service program launched by Guizhou Satellite Television is recorded in Beijing. Over 16-channel video and audio multi-channel synchronous recording on the field is required. Besides, sub-channel electronic log keeping function is required to record every splendid moment in a real-time manner, and post production efficiency shall be ensured. After completion of recording, recorded materials are stored in portable boxes and directly sent back to Guiyang via air transport, and relevant data is rapidly uploaded to the post production network via the multi-tape uploading system. Every time, each magnetic tape is 75 minutes, about 4 magnetic tapes are used for one program, which means that totally 80 tapes are used for 20 cameras. With the original technical system, uploading of field recorded contents at the ratio of 1:1 takes about 100 hours. However, after employment of the CS multi-channel recording, the multi-tape uploading system can complete uploading in one night via the optical network or Ethernet.

The multi-camera editing system features the following four innovations in addition to inclusion of all functions of traditional non-linear editing;

1. Multi-camera editing, supporting the 4, 8, 12, 16-camera high-definition high-bitrate-stream editing;

2. Multi-format mixed editing, especially, for MOV of material of 5DMark2/5DMark3 externally shot, direct editing is realizable without any format conversion, which greatly improves efficiency.

3. Providing electronic log keeping quick positioning pictures, getting upon selecting.

4. Providing AAF\XML metadata interaction, seamless connection with AVID and APPLE in post Production is easily realized.

The Story in ER of China Dragon TV:

This program is the first large-scale emergency medical service on-the-spot program in China. Recording and post production of Season I and Season II are completed with technical support from CreaStudio series of products and teams.In Season II, 98 fixed cameras are used for 24-hour panoramic recording. CreaStudio provides the whole-process video and audio recording. 2 to 3 persons collaboratively use sub-channel recording log keeping information. The weekly program, lasting for 30 minutes, is produced based on selection from 50T materials of up to 168 hours and stored in 100 hard disks.

In the course of providing technical services for this program, emphasizes are put on improvement and perfection of application of the product in different application scenarios:

1. Providing organic materials such as 5DMark2/5DMark3 with unique horizontal and vertical grouping and TC code automatic uploading-to-track function.

2. Automatic matching and checking of materials via marking points, audio waveforms, etc. during editing.

3. Addition of 4 engineering interactive functions, which not only applies to TV station business but only applies to media companies.

The following functional characteristics are realized during production of this program:

1. The pioneer page-turning multi-camera editing, switching editing of 4, 9, 12, and 16 cameras;

2. Reference alignment of TC code, marking point, audio waveform, etc, non longer suffering from asynchronism of sound and picture;

3. Compatible mixed editing of multiple formats such as 5DMark2/5DMark3, real-time editing making the creation more direct;

4. Inheritance of electronic log keeping information, frame-accuracy positioning pictures, getting upon selecting.

5. Supporting multi-camera frame synchronization broadcasting and editing, high and low bitrate stream switching editing, dotting editing, etc.;

6. Multi-camera grouping of materials of infinite quantity, unimaginatively fast grouping of multi-camera materials;

7. Specified uploading to track of materials with TC code as per TC code, regeneration of multi-camera materials;

8. Engineering-level palette tool Fangao realizing color entertainment;

9. Supporting soft engineering interaction with third-parties such as Apple, Avid, BlackmagicDaVinci, realizing interconnection and connectivity.

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