Service of Games Broadcast Television and GamesInformation System
Service of Games broadcast television and Games information system

1.Production of public television signals for Games

1.1 TV Graphics for Timing&Scoring and On-Venue Results.

The television captions production system of public television signals for television relay of sports events provided by CDV is called AutoSports TV Graphics System, which covers about 60 single systems for summer and winter Olympics items, non-Olympics items, Olympics performance items, items of mind sport games, cultural and entertainment and current political items and leisure sports items (such as billiards, bowling, racing, sports dancing, dragon boat, international chess, extreme sports, fire fighting competition, spaceship mission, various evening parties, etc.), and realizes the real-time display of timing and score keeping and integrated results television captions information of 3D vision or stereoscopic vision.

1.2 Virtual TV Graphics for Games

Via the connection to the timing and score keeping system, the graphics displaying data and real scenarios are combined to form the 3D motion perspective visual way to be superpositioned to television images with competition field scene, so as to build such virtual effects as static graphic display, motion graphics or graphic transformation of the competition field to achieve aims of fast recognition and interpretation of the competition process by audiences. For example, virtual national flag in the starting lane of swimming competition, virtual finish line, and virtual national flag when the athletes breast the yarn.

The system provided by CDV is called AutoSportsMVG, which is composed of camera motion sensing and positioning, chroma key, 3D graphic and video generator, audio and video delayer, keyer, video synchronization, M5DVirtualStudio creating software and AutoSports sports event information editing and broadcasting software.

1.3 VideoAssetServerVideo highlights asset server (VideoAssetServer)

Synchronous recording of 4-8 channels of video pickup signals on site in the form of broadcasting-level high definition or standard definition formats. Via dotting of key frames and indexing of metadata, fast retrieval of splendid images and multi-sequence playback of video highlights can be realized.

1.4 media asset sharing system of International Broadcast Center (IBC) for Games

Games, International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is the core providing overall services for media coverage.Public TV signals and unilateral broadcasting TV signals in all competition gymnasiums and stadiums are pooled to the dispatching center of IBC for unified management to provide full services such as live broadcasting, rebroadcast recording, news, special report, studio broadcast, etc. to authorized broadcasters from various countries and regions. The technical support platform realizing IBC management is called the sports events media asset sharing system.

Functions of IBC asset sharing system

Real-time recording of 50 channels of high-definition and standard-definition TV signals, recording while editing.

On-line storage and sharing of high-definition and standard-definition TV signals of 3,000 hours.

50 channels of online electronic log keeping dedicated for sports reporting, meeting the indexing of splendid images.

Video and audio rough editing and precise editing on-line editing station meeting various demands.

On-line retrieval of media asset.

Data synchronism of main IBC and XXX IBC.


Media file transcoding service.

2. Games Information technical service

Games Information System (GIS) ensures smooth implementation of competition and real-time release of information. Its subsystems include On-Venue Result System (OVR) and Public Scoreboard System (PSCB), Timing&Scoring System (T&S) and Specific Scoring Scoreboard system (SSCB), Commentator Information System (CIS), Results Print and Distribute System (RPDS), Result Real-time Display System (RTDS) and Arbitration Video System (AVS). Mutual cooperation among all subsystems ensures stable operation of the entire GIS.

2.1 PSCBOn-Venue Result System and Public Scoreboard System

OVR (OnVenueResultsSystem) is the core of competition data processing for comprehensive or individual sports events, including: importing of registration data of athletes and officials, Sports Entry, drawing  and arrangement, reading of original timing and score keeping data, comprehensive processing and distribution of results , and official Reports.


Contents and templates of PSCB are controlled by OVR and AutoSports systems. Thus, real-time display of competition data is ensured, and ornamental value of competition in the venue is greatly improved.

2.2 Timing&Scoring System and Specific Scoreboard system 

The Timing&Scoring System provides judges with scorers and realizes original entry of competition data.

Professional display screen of scoring (SSCB) receives data from the Timing&Scoring System and provides athletes and judges in the venue with professional score data display.

2.3 CIS(Commentator Information System)

CIS (ComentatorInformationSystem) is used by the sports events media commentators to understand the competition process and competition information of main venue and sub venue via the information terminal in a real-time manner.

2.4 RPDSRPDS(Results Print and Distribute System)

PRD (PrintReportsDistribution) distributes official reports to customers in a real-time and on-manner manner according to number of reports customized by customers.

2.5.Real-time Display System

RTDS provides VIP rest rooms, rest rooms for athletes and judges in the venue with real-time competition results and competition status information of the main and sub venues.

2.6 AVS(Arbitration Video System)

With the multi-channel video server as the core, it is used to realize the real-time playback and frame-by-frame analysis of multi-view video recording pictures for the purpose of arbitration. When the competition is subject to dispute, it can provide arbitration with clear and reliable video playback.

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