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Due to the full advent of digital era, increasingly digital storage, management and application demands have been raised by all walks of life for historical and new video and audio materials and “media assets cataloguing” is appearing in response to the proper time and conditions.

The need for digitized storage, management and application is especially acute for media assets by China broadcasting and television system. Since 2006, media data service professional team, established by CDV, has been dedicated to provide professional, efficient and large-scale media assets cataloguing and storage services to the broadcasting and TV system and other industries, has made continued progress from the perspective of corporate culture, management system, business flow, project operation and customer service and created a professional cataloguing service team with core competitiveness after ten years of hard work. By far, it has completed data cataloguing of over 400,000h, data uploading of over 300,000h and successfully implemented several large-scale media assets cataloguing projects including CCTV audio-visual stock library. Now, CDV has over 50 technical backbones engaging in pre-sales, research and development, project management, business research, upload technology, cataloguing service and over 300 first-line cataloguing staffs, establishing a series of complete service system for audio-video materials ranging from digital acquisition and uploading to catalogue archiving.

CDV can provide varied forms of media assets cataloguing services to customers according to business characteristics and needs of customers:

1.Local cataloguing:

Users will establish their own complete set of media assets system. CDV will provide professional cataloguing staffs for data uploading and cataloguing service at places designated by users.

2.Distant cataloguing:

It can be divided into local uploading distant cataloguing and distant uploading distant cataloguing. CDV technical scheme team will be responsible for establishing media assets system, uploading data and cataloguing service and returning data back to database of the user.

3. Cataloguing consultancy:

Service specialists with rich media assets experience will provide cataloguing consultancy service to customers so as to realize the media assets management effect of short period, fast effect, small investment and impressive yields.

4. Special training on media assets cataloguing

We have cooperated with colleges and universities to establish minor courses for the media assets management discipline so as to cultivate application and management talents for the media assets management discipline.

Professional and efficient media assets cataloguing base:

CDV media data service and media assets cataloguing base, established in 2008 and headquartered in CDV Science Building, has over 100 cataloguing stations, 20 sets of standard definition workstations and 5 sets of high definition stations with an annual productivity reaching 150,000h.

Advantages of CDV media assets cataloguing base:

1. Advancement. The media assets cataloguing base operation platform, on the basis of creative media assets system software and highly efficient authoring software researched and developed autonomously by CDV, can realize comprehensive network arrangement, management and real-time monitoring and improve update and maintenance efficiency of the cataloguing base system.

2. Dynamic dilatation. The media assets cataloguing base can keep continuous update and improvement continuously. Currently, the online storage capacity is maintained at 300TB, which can be adjusted dynamically at any time. Besides, the base is equipped with a batch of Sony and Panasonic professional editors, capable of satisfying various magnetic tape uploading requirements of customers.

3. Safety. A magnetic tape storeroom complying with television station storage standard is equipped on the base for remote production service and designated persons are arranged for supervision and management, guaranteeing efficiency and safety from magnetic tape management to data production.

4. Specialty. The base has over 100 professional cataloguing talents, capable of undertaking data cataloguing service for video and audio programs with varied languages and types.

The cataloguing base can satisfy requirements of various broadcasting and TV users and industrial customers for uploading and cataloguing service of various magnetic tape types and data formats and realize distant data production separating from media assets platform at the user end. Meanwhile, information in uploading, cataloguing, issuing and various links in the flow line can be exchanged with data of other mainstream media assets systems in the industry conveniently.

Successful cataloguing cases of CDV

1. CCTV audio-visual stock library sports cataloguing service project: high and standard definition sports events, special scenes and non-Chinese cataloguing. In 2009, CDV became the first company to provide high definition program data cataloguing service and completed cataloguing service of all high-definition program data for 2008 Beijing Olympics.

2. China Radio International cataloguing service project: multilingual program cataloguing service for the national-level broadcasting station.

3. PLA TV Center special program digitized storage and cataloguing service project: digital uploading and catalogue service for special programs of professional national television channel.

4. Field cataloguing service project of BTV finished product project: field cataloguing of finished product program.

5. Tianjin Television digitized transfer and cataloguing service project: digitized uploading and cataloguing service project, relevant to all program types of a provincial-level comprehensive television station.

6. JSBC news material program digitized transfer and cataloguing service project: digitized uploading and cataloguing service project, relevant to news and material programs of a provincial-level comprehensive television station.

7. Chongqing Broadcasting Group news material digitized transfer and cataloguing service project: digitized uploading and cataloguing service project, relevant to news and material programs of a provincial-level comprehensive television station.

8. Yunnan TV Station media assets cataloguing service project: local digitized uploading and distant cataloguing service of news and material programs.

9. Dalian TV Station media assets cataloguing service project: distant digitized uploading and distant cataloguing service of news and material programs.

10. Cataloguing consultation service for Jiangsu Broadcasting Cable Information Network Corporation Limited.

11. training service on media assets cataloguing in Tianjin Polytechnic University and Beijing Youth Politics College.

General program of Chongqing Broadcasting Group

CCTV audio-visual stock library project

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