Service of Data Sharing System of IBC Comprehensive Sports Events
During big Games, International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is the core providing overall services for media coverage. Public TV signals and unilateral broadcasting TV signals in all competition gymnasiums and stadiums are pooled to the dispatching center of IBC for unified management to provide full services such as live broadcasting, rebroadcast recording, news, special report, studio broadcasting, etc. to authorized broadcasters from various countries and regions. The technical support platform realizing IBC management is called the sports events media data sharing system.

System functions

Real-time recording of dozens of high-definition and standard-definition TV signals, recording while editing

On-line storage and sharing of high-definition and standard-definition TV signals of 1,000 hours

Dozens of channels of online electronic log keeping dedicated for sports reporting, meeting the indexing of splendid images

Video and audio rough editing and precise editing on-line editing station meeting various demands

On-line retrieval of media materials

Data synchronism of master IBC and slave IBC


Studio broadcasting

Media file transcoding service

System integration, operation, and maintenance service

The broadcast and TV Graphicssystem, featuring huge size, refined functions, professional technology and diversified development, must need a professional team with high technical level which is able to find the problems timely and handle the failure promptly to guarantee the normal operation of the entire system, maintain network safety and reliability, and then to ensure normal implementation and operation of various work in a TV station. CDV, with the help of years of experience accumulated in the industry, depending on its own professional, leading and senior technologies, provides customers with first-rate technology-related operation and maintenance services.

Operation and maintenance service covering:

Hardware installation

Joint debugging of software


Log keeping

IBC service

IBC system operation and maintenance

Project management

Customized development

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