Feitian Editing Synthesis System

Feitian Editing Synthesis System is a new generation of high-end nonlinear editing system tailor-made by China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited. for customers in the industry, integrating video editing, creative packaging and special effect synthesis. This system provides a series of creative functions on the basis of fully covering traditional non-linear editing functions, which are easy to use and have eye-catching results, ranging from advanced and efficient flow chart of the node, complete timeline function, original smart mask, perfect optical quality toning, state-of-the-art image matting technology, to interactive and intuitive 3D synthesis environment, providing the most comprehensive toolkit that are easy to use for customers in the industry.

Beijing Electrical Engineering School, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, etc.

Provision of a complete series of products
Correlation between input and output interfaces
High-definition input and output of SDI

Standard-definition input and output of SDI
High-definition In/Out of HDMI
High-definition input and output of YUV
Standard-definition input and output of YUV
Composite input and output
Input and output of S terminal
Embedded audio input and output of SDI
Unbalanced input and output of XLR
Balanced input and output of RCA

Synthesis engine 
RGBA 4:4:4 color space with superior quality, whole-course storing of full quality color information 
32-bit floating point arithmetic for each color channel, no color loss no matter how many layers are synthesized with special effects. 
High dynamic range (HDR) rendering pushes limit of equipment. The gradation and details are distinct and complete in both highlight and shadow areas. 
Multi-core and multi-threaded processor technology and targeted CPU optimization for media effects. 
Run true 64-bit software under Windows7-64 bit, use GPU parallel graphics rendering technology 

Efficient timeline editing is suitable for the production of news, post production and production of extra-long movie and television plays. 
Timeline design in accord with domestic operation habits 
Support customized shortcuts 
Perfect editing method, audio, video, special effect subtitle 

Advanced synthesis mode for flow chart of the node, image layer editing and production method surpassing existing non-linear production 
Each node represents a special effect, providing tree-like free connection combination, which is intuitive and distinct and you can produce whatever you want 
Special effect node diagram is embedded in the timeline as source material, without generation process, being convenient and efficient  

Domestically advanced A10 subtitle plug-ins, with powerful functions and wide application 
A10 subtitle plug-ins are widely used in studios, broadcast lines and outside broadcast vans of various domestic TV stations, being a flagship product in the domestic subtitle application field.  
All types of common subtitles can be created, for example, multi-tier subtitle, subtitle of rolling screen and subtitle of libretto. 
A huge amount of subtitle templates can be called on the timeline. 

Color processing, perfect optical quality color correction  
High quality movie level dimming and coloring 
Multilevel fine color balance is completed in one adjustment. 
Independent adjustment on the shade, intermediate part and highlight area 

Chroma key Image matting technology, artistic creation of characters and virtual reality 
Movie- level image matting tool, chroma key, matting patch, fine adjustment to make the image matting better. 
Primary key, spill suppressor, inflation, blur Alpha channel, multi-directional detail processing to render finer results 
One-click image matting template greatly reduces workload. 

Smart mask easily changes local dynamic picture. 
Feature points can be added automatically and dynamic tracking can be carried out within the mask scope, not requiring frame-by-frame adjustment. 
The displacement, shape and rotation of the mask vary with the source material. 
Local beautification of dynamic picture can be realized, adding dynamic mosaics easily. 

Multi-point motion tracking accurately fits track movement. 
Quick replacement of advertising boards and plane objects. 
Eliminate camera vibration easily to maintain stable picture 
Any source material can be added to realize visionary creative pictures.  

Synthesis of 3D scene, to create shocking three-dimensional virtual space 
Realize design and production of various shots like special effect shot and shot combining virtuality and reality 
Supports interaction of 3D animation software like Maya and 3D MAX 
Realizes perfect fusion of video and 3D model 
True-to-life light and shadow effects (no light and shadow effect)

Customized special effect template makes the creator feel relieved during repeated work. 
One or more special effect nodes can be saved as templates for the purpose of post-production. 
Special effect templates can be called on the timeline in the way of adding special effect. Complicated packaging effects can be completed by one-click.

High quality
RGBA4:4:4:4 color space 
32-bit floating point arithmetic
High dynamic range (HDR) rendering 
Production at movie level resolution of 2K/4K/6K
Perfect optical quality coloring 
Professional chroma-key image matting technology 
Star product A10 subtitle plug-ins 
Interactive and intuitive 3D scene synthesis 
Support editing in professional formats of DPX sequence, RAW,R3D, etc..

High efficiency
Intuitive flow chart operation mode
Shortcut key for timeline customization 
Original smart mask 
Accurate dynamic tracking 
fThe necessary creation tools for path-based animation 
Mixed editing of high-definition files and standard-definition files 
Design and application of one-click template for special effects 
Multicam editing 
Synchronous monitoring of 16-channel picture
arbitrary switching between working modes of timeline editing and flowchart special effect synthesis
Nesting of unlimited level between timeline and flow chart of the node 
Full support of multiple video and audio production formats 
Drag and call huge amount of subtitle templates

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