Uke Full-automatic Collection, Editing and Broadcasting System
Uke full-automatic collection, editing and broadcasting system is an industry solution proposed for the industry integrated with quality program recording, post editing, and network broadcasting on demand. It can be used in many application scenarios as recorded classroom, medical treatment observation, court hearing and training. The system can realize functions as automatic tracking of multichannel video and sound signals, intelligent studio director switching, full-automatic recording, virtual image matting, post production and network broadcasting.

Scheme features:

1.Multichannel signal recording: simultaneous collection, storage and recording of six channels of signals

2.Full-automatic recording: the system used image or sound to position and automatically analyze the position of the spokesman, and the camera will automatically rotate to shoot the spokesman image according to the position of sound source

3.Intelligent studio director switching: realize the automatic switching through studio director switching strategy to complete multi-screen intelligent studio director output

4.Virtual image matting: realize the superposition of keynote speaker frame and other background frames through real-time image matting of the keynote speaker to achieve the effect of virtual studio

5.Post editing: multichannel original audio and video materials recorded by the system can be subject directly to post editing and production

6.Network broadcasting: watch live broadcasting or ordered network program with any intelligent terminal (mobile phone, tablet PC, computer, television)

Functional characteristics:

1.HD videos collection

The system can support six channels of HD video sources at most: four channels of HD-SDI, one channel of VGA/DVI HD input and one channel of local pictures used in titles, during the video and in the tail leader

Resource mode: separate recording and storage of multiple camera images and studio director outputting images  

Dual-stream recording: each video supports simultaneous dual-stream HD / SD recording  

2.Stereo audio collection

The system supports 12 channels of wired input and one channel of mixed wireless input  

The system supports follow-up voice switching, i.e., channel switching, the voice will automatically switch along with the channel  

3.VGA collection and detection

The system supports courseware speech collection from one channel projection, computer, electronic whiteboard and integrated touch machine  

Automatic switchover: automatic identification of content change, and the output image will be switched automatically to the courseware when certain change rate is reached  

Automatic return: the switch time can be set, automatic return  

4.Spokesman tracking and positioning 

Algorithm to be used: intelligent image analysis algorithm, the keynote speaker does not need to wear any auxiliary equipment and it is truly normalization  

Speed self-adaption: adjust the tracking speed of the camera as per the moving speed of spokesman to ensure that the spokesman is in the middle of the frame  

Gesture recognition: when the spokesman is writing on the blackboard, automatically give close-up shot to the writing  

Position recognition: when the spokesman walks to the audience area, automatically switch to the audience tracking camera for tracking  

Multiperson recognition: when there are many people on the platform, automatically adjust the focal length of camera  

5.Virtual image matting

It supports the red, green and blue (RGB) and RGB mixed image matting  

It has the function of threshold value and transparency regulation  

6.Post packaging, editing and synthesis

Synthesis rendering engine, HDR high-dynamic range rendering technology is used  

RGBA4:4:4:4 color space is used  

New Auto A10 subtitle  

Domestic unique intelligent mask  

Accurate and fast multipoint intelligent tracking  

Reactive and intuitive 3D scene synthesis  

2K/4K UHD resolution processing  

7.Cross-platform broadcasting and video on demand

It uses standard RTMP agreement, RTSP stream and HLS video stream  

It supports Windows, Android, iOS, cross OS platform Web broadcasting without plug-in  

It supports watching broadcasting on the webpage and the client does not need to install any plug-in  

8.One-button operation

There is no need for tedious manual operation  

There is no need for personnel guard  

Successful cases:

Recording and broadcasting classroom in Beijing No.8 Middle School

Keywords: educational training, EDUPARK full-automatic collection, editing and broadcasting, 2015 Sichuan TV Festival

Key words:

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