Upin Micro Classroom
Upin micro classroom is a solution proposed for the industry and integrated with many functions as virtual image matting, courseware recording, video editing and live broadcasting. It is mainly used in the quality courseware making in teaching department or training institution, network cloud classroom interactive teaching or live broadcasting, broadcasting on demand.

Scheme features:

1.Scene switching: select different teaching scenes as per the teaching content to realize the virtual scene switching among medium shot, long shot and close-up shot

2.Video watermark: insert the watermark in the video with one button to protect intellectual property rights

3.Quality program editing: conduct packaging, color modulation, synthesis and dubbing to the courseware audio and video

4.Signal collection: collect the signal and images from the teacher, teacher machine, writing pad and high speed video shooting apparatus at the same time

5.Studio director switching: the teacher can switch the images of teacher machine, writing pad, high speed video shooting apparatus and local video at any time

6. Titles and tail leader: automatic overlay of titles and tail leader

7.Subtitle overlay: real-time subtitle overlay, timed overlay of preset subtitles, selective display position and adjustable speed

8. Cut-in broadcasting of video: cut-in broadcasting of local video
9. Network broadcasting: live broadcasting, text interaction, network cloud classroom

Functional characteristics

1.Multiple formats recording

Micro classroom supports many formats as MP4, WMV, FLV, TS  

Simple recording: there is no need for special recording classroom, the recording can be done in front of the computer  

2.VGA collection

VGA collection: keynote speaker does not need to install any plug-in  

The system supports courseware speech collection from projection, computer, electronic whiteboard and integrated touch machine  

3.Virtual image matting function

It supports the red, green and blue (RGB) and RGB mixed image matting  

It has the function of threshold value and transparency regulation  

3D virtual scene: the system has many virtual scenes, and the virtual scene can be customized according to the user requirements  

4.Cross-platform broadcasting

It uses standard RTMP agreement, HLS video stream and RTSP stream  

It supports Windows, Android, iOS, cross OS platform Web broadcasting without plug-in  

It supports watching broadcasting on the webpage and the client does not need to install any plug-in  

It supports HD set-top box watching, APP broadcasting watching and video on demand  

5.Post packaging, editing and synthesis

Synthesis rendering engine, HDR high-dynamic range rendering technology is used  

RGBA4:4:4:4 color space is used  

New Auto A10 subtitle  

Domestic unique intelligent mask  

Accurate and fast multipoint intelligent tracking  

Reactive and intuitive 3D scene synthesis  

2K/4K UHD resolution processing  

System composition:

Keywords: educational training, EDUPARK micro classroom, 2015 Sichuan TV Festival

Key words:

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