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With the media convergence and rapid development of traditional television services as well as the full speed increment of information content, the traditional manners of saving and utilizing programs, magnetic tape as medium, are facing many issues such as aged tapes requiring emergency treatment, decreased format conversion quality, limited storage space in tapes, etc. Whereas in the multimedia content management platform, through the integrated process construction of the collection, editing and storage of video materials, normative digital storage format and carrier, normative catalogue indexing format and retrieving, as well as the normative operation process management and operation, all links of video material management activity can achieve the integration of the information flow and work flow of video content, via the rapid circulation of information flow as well as effective services.

The enterprise-level multimedia content management platform of CDV (China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited) has adopted service oriented architecture, modular hierarchical architectural design and Web 2.0 technology, and applied CDV enterprise-level digital acquisition software and hardware equipment for non-wire load/non-linear production of multimedia content as well as multimedia content transcoding, with high cost performance in broadcasting and television. It is based on object-oriented open data architecture, suitable for collecting, cataloguing, managing and releasing massive multimedia contents. Through the digital processing on image data, pictures, records and other contents as well as the cataloguing, indexing, classification, storage and management on them, the authorized users can obtain the program data they require at any place and any time, while achieving the network exchange and release of content assets in platform intranet and other networks, giving play to the value of “media asset” to the maximum extent, creating bigger profit for the media industry.

Functional Features 

Service portals are provided with comprehensive customized experience; retrieval interface and display mode is provided with personalized customization, fully adapting the requirements of different users; based on Web 2.0 technology, providing interface elements such as menu, drawer, dialog box, tab, tree, table, divider bar, bubble and dragging, substantially improving user experience. 

The most flexible extension method of the industry is provided, including multilevel customization such as cataloguing object type, cataloguing structure, cataloguing interface, cataloguing fields.

The visual configuration tool for content management operation process is provided, implementing comprehensive and thorough monitoring and management on all operation processes. 

It is compatible with multiple formats, supporting high definition, standard definition and new media format. It is entirely compatible with high / standard definition, multiple formats, multiple systems and multiple code rates, implementing integrated management on video, audio, pictures, texts and all types of electronic documents.

The Transcoding Engine for content transcoding supports the efficient and automatic transcoding between all types of formats (such as high / standard definition, new media, etc.), cluster transcoding, sectional transcoding, transcoding and uploading simultaneously, as well as collecting, producing, retrieving, browsing and network releasing in all formats.

The high-performance system architecture design without single point of failure is adopted, and the high security zone supports Internet isolation, retrieval and browsing.

The extensively used Auto.CM content management platform with the proprietary intellectual property right is adopted, as well as the multichannel, cluster, hierarchical storage archiving management software system; fully achieving media object-based life cycle management and object-oriented hierarchical storage management.

It supports all types of storage frameworks (such as SAN, NAS, IP-SAN, ISIS), the tape library of Quantum, IBM, HP, SUN and other brands, all types of tape drives (such as LTO3, LTO4, LTO5) and interfaces such as SCSI, iSCSI, SAS and FC.

The multimedia application oriented HSM archiving management software, and patented technology-based tape redundancy and fault-tolerance processing mechanism are adopted as well. 

Product Module 

Collection and upload module 

The automatic archiving of contents from all production networks, collection and recording network, digital broadcast system and high security zone is supported; the automatic related archiving based on series and construction documents is supported; the full format AV signal, semiconductor medium, manual upload (e.g. file import) and many other collection and upload methods are provided; some auxiliary functions are provided as well, such as processing of assignments in storage, verification of data integrity, automatic technical review on digital content, inheritance of metadata, pre-cataloguing, sorting and sifting of materials.

Cataloguing and audit module 

The primary (pre-cataloguing), secondary cataloguing as well as multi-level cataloguing, auditing will be carried out on materials in storage and finished products; supporting manual recording, automatic cataloguing, offline cataloguing and remote cataloguing. Hierarchical cataloguing is adopted, supporting all cataloguing rules and customized flexible cataloguing specifications, and the cataloguing rules are in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.

Content management module

The content management engine supports object management, metadata management, data retrieval, copyright management, storage management; the DRM copyright management engine can carry out the labeling, registration, certification and authorization of copyright through DRM database and XML in accordance with copyright management specifications; the storage management system will complete the hierarchical storage management on structured and unstructured data objects via life cycle strategy.

Index retrieval module 

The intelligent analysis, automatic cataloguing and automatic indexing on unstructured video and audio content are accomplished; through Full Text Search engine, the automatic indexing on massive document contents (such as Chinese texts, English texts, webpage, XML, DOC) is achieved, providing accurate, efficient and comprehensive query; facing millions of data, the feedback time of retrieval is within seconds; it supports displaying retrieved results as per correlativity, classification and preference strategy.

Ex-library download module 

After retrieval and browsing, the user can submit the download application. The approved links will enter the download queue; ex-library will be controlled by the content management module, and program materials will be transferred to the operation segments of news, production, broadcasting, etc. at the intranet of the TV station; content support will be provided to new media operations (such as digital TV, network media, mobile phone TV, mobile TV, interactive TV, newspaper, website) via releasing the interface of trading platform, and the full format efficient transcoding is supported as well.

Successful Cases 

Tianjin TV 

The whole-station media asset system of Tianjin TV has provided operation functions such as upload, collection, cataloguing, audit and management of historical materials for the Editor Office of Tianjin TV as well as all operation systems of the whole station. Meanwhile, it also provides accurate query, efficient retrieval, fast browsing and download services to users of the whole station media assets. Operation support will be provided to program topic selection, program arrangement, program broadcasting and content release through operation management subsystem. The interconnection and application integration of program production and broadcast network of Tianjin TV (for news, production and sports programs) with digital hard disk broadcasting system are achieved through the interconnection interface subsystem.

Zhejiang Radio and Television Group 

In the digitization system of emergency treatment project for historical news films and televisions at Zhejiang TV, the planned and designed storage management system supports the multileveled (on-line, near-line, off-line) storage system, adopting multichannel, cluster-type storage management framework, supporting object-oriented storage methods, ensuring efficient archiving and restoration. The industry standard-based tape library control command can directly control hardware of many types of tape libraries; based on patented technologies, the excellent tape redundant fault-tolerant processing mechanism is provided; the open tape recording format allows the third-party software to read data; the system software storing shared-file can be well cooperated; the archiving / restoration management strategy is complete; meanwhile, the query and retrieval function for materials is realized in the office network via the deployment of high security zone.

Other Cases:
Tianjin TV: central media assets, content management systems 
Zhejiang TV: material media assets, content management systems 
Yunnan TV: production media assets, content management systems 
Jiangsu TV: news media assets, audio media assets systems 
Heilongjiang TV: production and audio media assets system 
Jinan TV: central media assets, content management systems 
Ningbo TV: central media assets, content management systems 
Henan TV: production media assets, content management systems 
Shengli TV: production media assets, content management systems 
Bijie TV in Guizhou: central media assets, content management systems 
Baoshan TV in Shanghai: production media assets, content management systems 
TV stations of Chengdu and Jinan Railways Bureaus: production media assets, content management systems 

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