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In large-scale sports events, International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is the core providing overall services for media coverage. Public TV signals and unilateral broadcasting TV signals in all competition gymnasiums and stadiums are pooled to the dispatching center of IBC for unified management to provide full services such as direct broadcasting, rebroadcast recording, special report, studio broadcast, etc. to authorized broadcasters from various countries and regions. The technical support platform realizing IBC management is called the sports events media center system, or sports events media material sharing system.

System Features

1 It is the first to propose and construct the sports events rebroadcast architecture of one core service platform and main IBC and sub-IBC, while achieving the data synchronization of main IBC and sub-IBC.

2.Real-time recording of 50 channels of high-definition and standard-definition TV signals is supported, recording while editing The recording and editing system of CDV (China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited) can achieve: automatic editing function; automatic determination on assignment conflict and conflicts of satellite receiver, recording video server, etc; while automatically editing, supporting manual rearrangement, providing more flexibility.

3.50 channels of online electronic log keeping dedicated for sports reporting is supported, meeting the indexing of splendid images. The sports events log keeping system of CDV provides humanized software interface, providing more convenient operation. Data input is professionally assisted by flexible data editing and many other approaches, achieving more professional and more efficient technical statistics function, displaying sports events directly. Meanwhile, rated camera lenses for log keeping as well as multiple-format, multiple-approach data output are achieved.

4.On-line storage and sharing of high-definition and standard-definition TV signals of 3,000 hours is supported.

5.The high-definition non-linear editing, high-definition video server and high-definition subtitle image-text packaging products of CDV are fully applied, meeting the requirements from video and audio rough editing and precise editing online editing stations of all demands.

6.Convenient on-line retrieval of media materials is provided.

7.The system also provides: dubbing, studio broadcasting, media file transcoding and other multiple types of application services.

Technical Innovation 

1.The first to innovate the real-time recording, real-time sports log keeping labeling technique for sports events on ice and snow, applying the full-process system.

2.The first to innovate and achieve the seamless interaction between IBC system and the intranet of the station, basing on MXF encapsulation platform and DNxHD coding; also the first to accomplish the interconnection and application integration between the IBC system engineering of sports events and the whole-platform network system of the station.

3.The first to complete the high-definition IBC system engineering for the largest university winter games and the first sports events on ice and snow.

4.The first to achieve the digital collection, recording, production, packaging and broadcasting of the high-definition signals of large-scale sports events.

5.The first to realize the integrated collection, production, saving and broadcasting of high-definition / standard-definition programs in the manner of high / low code stream.

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