CreaStudio Integration Solution for Collection, Editing and Broadcast
Solution Overview

CreaStudio is the ideal integration solution for the collection, editing and broadcasting of quality programs! It has completely changed the future of TV program production scheme, promoting the optimization and reconstruction of television production process. The system is with extra strong decoding ability, flexible scene collection and arrangement, outstanding handling capacity and efficient and meticulous function design, providing the creative space for the convergence and connection of different types of programs (such as variety, sports, documentary, news programs).

The solution is the integration solution specific to the multichannel system recording, editing and proprietary broadcasting of large- / medium-scale variety programs or submitting files to a third-party broadcast system to broadcast. The purpose of this efficient, convenient approach is to enrich the recording, production and broadcasting methods of large-scale sports events, so the technical personnel and editing personnel can achieve twice the results with half the effort, realizing unified and effective management.

Solution Advantage 

1.Integration of multi-channel acquisition, editing and broadcasting

2.Single-camera 8-channel synchronous recording and broadcasting, random combination of channels

3.4K multi-format recording (XAVX\MJG\MPEG-I)

4.Supporting double writing, transfer, information being safe and reliable

5.Supporting segmented recording, fast film editing at a later stage

6.Self-defining time by the clock generator, synchronous recording of TC code

7.Supporting recording with hard-disk with super large volume, more convenient to carry

8.Inheritance of log keeping and selection of information, engineering and interaction with such third-party manufacturers as Apple\Avid

9.Supporting playback of quick/slow action

10.Seamless integration with OnAir media-wide cloud platform

11.Supporting multi-channel on-demand broadcasting service

Product Honor:

BIRTV product award 

Functional Features 

1.System customization, complete personalization.

Systems of any channel size can be formed, meeting the recording and broadcasting requirements. 

It is a comprehensive convergence system integrating collection, log keeping, upload, editing, broadcasting and cloud application. 

The solution provides services for sports, large-scale variety, documentary, special topic, news and other types of programs, breaking the boundary for creation. 

2.Seamless linking between early and later stages, completely recording the splendid events.

It can simultaneously support 8-channel SD/HD SDI collection (which can be extended to at most 32 channels), to record every wonderful shot.

The coded recording of international standard coding format (such as Avid DNxHD, Panasonic DVCpro HD, Mpeg2HD, AVC-Intra, and ProRes422) is provided, and the recorded content can be used directly with no transcoding required.

All definitions fields are provided, recording electronic program log keeping. The clock generator will record TC codes as per customization, so the editing at later stage can obtain whatever they select once it is selected.

It supports engineering interaction with the third-party software such as Apple, Avid, BlackmagicDaVinci, realizing interconnection and connectivity.

3.Saving time, labor and cost.

It can save the medium frequently replaced during recording, which can affect the live recording progress and miss highlights.

It can save the large amount of time required by collecting and uploading materials, and the time saved will be used for program creation at later stage. 

It can save the time for organizing hand-written log and manual proof-reading of time codes.

The one-click shot cut can save time used for back and forth searching of edited shots, enabling the editing at later stage to obtain any shot once it’s selected.
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