Network Solution for High-definition Production and Broadcasting Center
From the perfect performance of high-definition image rebroadcast in Olympics Games in 2008, to the formal launch of domestic high-definition channels in Sept. 2009, and to the coming of high-definition omni-media era after integration of three networks, it can be perceived that over the next few years, radio and television departments will strengthen the construction of high-definition program production and broadcasting, reasonably plan processes of high-definition program production and broadcasting, accelerate the production and reservation of high-definition programs, improve the capacity of production and broadcasting of high-definition TV programs, and increase the broadcast time and number of high-definition programs.

CDV’s high/standard-definition program production and broadcasting network is a kind of content management system product oriented towards TV program collection, program production, graphic and text packaging, audio packaging, program review and production. It is designed based on the concept of service orientation, three-tier software architecture, and modularization, fully supports such network architectures as single network, dual network, mixed network, and intelligent storage, and is based on the Auto.NET program production and broadcasting management platform (middleware). With the program production and broadcasting as the core, it is equipped with embedded collaborative workflow engine, triggers the program production and broadcasting with the program list and program title as the main line, and provides the perfect terminal-to-terminal networked high/standard-definition program production and broadcasting environment. The system is mainly divided into such operational modules as collecting and uploading, rough editing of drafts, program dubbing, program refined editing, video and audio packaging, review, production of medial assets, anti-virus uploading, network management, and quality monitoring, and such service modules as storage, exchange, server, database, and middleware.

Functional features

Supporting mixed editing of such code formats as MPEG 2 I, MPEG2 IBP, HDV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 5, DVCPRO HD, H.264, AVC-Intra, TS, MPEG 4, WMV, FLV, supporting mixed editing of programs of PAL and NTSC systems, supporting mixed editing of special effects such as video, audio, subtitle, and graphic and text, and supporting mixed editing of such formats as high-definition, standard-definition and low code stream and multi-format output.

Supporting such new media formats as P2 HD, XDCAM HD, and GFPark; supporting such formats as AVI, MPG, MOV, MXF, GXF and FLV; supporting such storyboard engineering formats as Avid, Adobe, and Autodesk.

Original non-linear real-time mixed editing engine, providing professional applications such as news fast editing, dubbing, refined editing, and review.

Original flexibility super timeline technology, supporting infinite layer timeline, whole-track special effect, timeline sequence nesting, folding and reuse. Timeline sequence can be stored as program template.

Original open editing open, supporting real-time multi-lens editing, multi-camera picture browsing and editing.

Providing super subtitle graphic and text engine, powerful materials management tool, template management tool, special effect management tool, and interface management tool.

Providing original object-oriented graphic rendering engine technology.

Pioneered storyboard document exchange between the news non-linear editing and such audio workstations as ProTools and Pyramix to realize the video picture visual dubbing and audio packaging, renovate the audio and video integrated packaging process, greatly simplify the audio packaging process and improve the video and audio packaging efficiency.

Product module

Uploading and downloading module

Uploading and downloading supporting the high-speed collecting and importing (up to 5 X speed) of new storage media such as P2, XDCAM, GFPark; fully supporting the direct import and editing of audio and video documents such as DVD, CD, MP3, MOV, WMV, WMA, WAV, RM, FLV, AVI, and MXF.

Refined editing module

Original flexibility super timeline technology, supporting infinite layer timeline, providing unique video, audio, subtitle and separated subtitle graphic and text editing tracks, and MOS tracks, providing powerful materials management tool, template management tool, special effect management tool, interface management tool, providing functionally powerful dynamic materials library and universal program template library, original open editing platform, supporting real-time multi-lens editing and multi-camera picture browsing and editing.

Packaging module

A great number of real-time GPU special effects are provided, and all special effects can be broadcasted in real-time, so the what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) effect can be realized; all GPU special effects support 8bit and 10bit coding; support additional special effect function of combined materials; special effects can be directly dragged and dropped to tracks in the work area; supporting storyboard documents sharing and exchange between such non-linear editing packaging software as Avid Media Composer and ProTools audio workstation, etc.; realizing beautiful 3D particle special effects via the original object-oriented picture rendering engine. Particle effects can be changed by setting parameters of particle effector.

Synthesis, outputting and downloading module

Providing various interface output such as SDI, embedded audio SDI, composition, simulation, and component. Optional HD-SDI high-definition video and audio interface output, downloading self-adaptive magnetic tape time code; supporting high-speed write-back of drivers such as P2, XDCAM, GFPark via IP and USB 2.0, supporting high code stream output via IEEE 1394 interface; supporting DVD, blue ray, etc. burning; supporting fast synthesis output of various forms like MPEG 2 IBP, TS, PS, MP4, WMV, RM, FLV, 3GPP, MOV, MPG, AVI, and MXF.

Automatic technical review module

Advanced automatic technical review function (standard-definition: 11:1, high-definition: 5:1) is available to materials collected and synthesized finished materials system, Marking and prompt for pictures such as black field and mosaic of video and sounds like silence and over-frame of audio can be realized accurately.
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