Auto.Studio Broadcasting System
The business platform of Auto.Studio automatic clustering broadcasting system is composed of program broadcasting, editing and rehearsal system, program broadcasting control system, online subtitle and image packaging system, configuration management system, studio auxiliary module, visual monitoring system.

Program broadcasting, editing and rehearsal system

It provides professional, flexible and high efficient program guide editing and rehearsal functions. It supports the establishment of new parallel-series program guide in entries, groups and templates, supports the random drag and drop, parallel-series program of entries and groups, supports the selective duplication, paste and deletion from different entries and groups, and supports the storage of programs according to the template.
Program guide based editing and rehearsal, auditing, review and adjustment
Provide the synchronous control based on electric program guide, including program broadcasting control system, subtitle packaging system, online packaging system and teleprompter.
Provide the functions of automatic distribution and statistic analysis based on broadcasted parallel-series program guide

Program broadcasting control system

Any broadcasting control terminal can control all the video servers and channels in clustering studio in clustering redundancy control mode
On broadcasting, it supports the broadcasting in the entry sequence on the program guide, inserted broadcasting of entries, continuous broadcasting of entries in groups, rolling broadcasting of entries, rolling broadcasting of entries in groups, intermediate cut-in broadcasting of entries as well as timed broadcasting of broadcast and preview
On recording, it supports the recording as per the entries in the program guide and various flexible timed recording, supports continuous recording from specified frame or time point, supports the recovery of videos and audios with or without subtitle. Any video and audio channel can be taken as the recovery channel. The collection coded format, file format can be set randomly; the collected content can be storage locally or transmitted to the clustering studio network for storage or other random production and broadcasting network for storage
Provide precise ordinal timekeeping and counting down, and time information of automatic calculation includes: total time of program guide, broadcasted time, remaining program time as well as video and audio program time. During the program recording, the system can automatically calculate the time span of materials and the total time span of program guide, and the specific value can be corrected to frame
Program broadcasting control system can provide rich pre-monitoring function

Subtitle and image packaging system - 

Efficient collection and uploading of materials of full formats to realize efficient broadcasting preparation. The system supports receiving while uploading, uploading while broadcasting, broadcasting while editing and instant editing
The system supports clustering transmission, bandwidth control, preference strategy control based on TransferGate, intelligent scheduling and efficient transmission
The system fully supports the mixed broadcasting of various formats, which greatly improves the efficiency from production to broadcasting, exclusively creates the patented technology for engineering snapshoot and realizes the high efficient packaging, synthesis and high efficient transmission and automatic broadcasting at the same time
The video, audio and the subtitle, image are produced and broadcasted separately, and efficient, automatic and associated broadcasting is achieved through electronic parallel-series program guide and MOS agreement
The system includes studio subtitle packaging and live system and online image-text packaging system; MOSTitle subtitle live system supports the automatic synchronization and broadcasting based on the studio program guide and MOS agreement; Mariana5D online image-text packaging system supports the synchronous and manual broadcasting as the studio program guide; subtitle and image-text packaging system supports the separation from the video and audio programs during the whole process
The system supports the gang control with the platform for releasing studio message, information and advertisement; real-time information release platform is composed by image-text and information input and sorting workstation, image-text and information release control station and shared access area for data security, and it provides rich packaging methods for the clustering studio system
The system supports the gang control with New Auto eLog real-time sport log-keeping system 

Scheme characteristics

1.Network synchronization, file input, flexible guide editing form as manual guide editing; automatic update and synchronous broadcasting based on electronic parallel-series program guide
2.Supporting flexible broadcasting forms as sequential broadcasting, continuous broadcasting in groups, cut-in broadcasting, jump broadcasting, and timed broadcasting, local broadcasting, network broadcasting
3.Flexible grouping among studios to realize studio sharing, hot backup; supporting program content, image packaging and linkage broadcasting of images and subtitles. 
4.The system realizes the automatic control of program and image packaging, image-text subtitle and prompts, it also supports channel change and gang control
5.Unique real-time log-keeping of eLog sports and news as well as recovery synchronization
6.The system is of non-single-point redundant structure system design and uses the backup methods as distributed storage, clustering file system, database hot backup, application server cluster, studio sharing, system backup, multi-stage backup, minimum backup, mutual backup of multichannel and multi-server, emergency broadcasting
7.The system selects long-tested video and audio broadcasting server and uses patented technology to ensure the accuracy and synchronization of main and backup broadcasting frames, and it also supports delayed broadcasting
8.The system provides automatic local storage and minimum backup of the program guide and manuscripts in the studio system, and can conduct input and fully functional broadcasting in the studio 
9.The system provides comprehensive state display of program uploading, program transmission, program broadcasting, program backup and program to be broadcasted; it also provides detailed program content broadcasting operation and work log of video server
10.The system provides rich safety protection function in the automatic clustering studio system, which can set safety protection measures to the program guide, groups and entries to be broadcasted; the system can set deletion protection for the program content in the video server to ensure the safety of titles, advertisement and emergency materials
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