Newsphere News Convergence Service Platform – Collaborative Command
Under the background of media convergence, to assure the effective and orderly implementation of the production and management of news convergence, the Newsphere News Convergence Service Platform of CDV (China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited) has timely launched the news collaborative command system. The system has achieved the unified planning and arrangement of current topic selection of news as well as the report pages, meanwhile, it can carry out unified scheduling of resources (personnel, equipment) of the television station; the real-time status (location, service condition) of vehicles and personnel can be checked; the focus of news report as well as the distribution of resources can be adjusted at any time as required in accordance with relevant data. 

In the process of production and broadcast, real-time monitoring on processes such as clues, topic selection, interview assignment, scheduling of resources and news production can be carried out, implementing collaborative command to each and every node.

★ Unified Planning of Topic Selection
The unified topic selection bank is formed through the screening of news clues. The unified planning of the news report page of the same day is carried out on the basis of the topic selection bank, supporting the integrated arrangement of traditional and new media pages.

★ Unified Scheduling of Resources
Resources management and online resource map are provided, to achieve the unified scheduling and distribution of resources (personnel, equipment) of the television station.

★ Centralized Monitoring of Process
Comprehensive monitoring on the production process of new convergence is implemented. Reporters and leaders can check the real-time status of news production, grasping the news production status in real time.

★ Centralized Presentation of Data
Centralized presentation of data related to collaborative command can be achieved. Graphic packaging or HTML5 technology can be adopted to render the interface presentation. The data will include the latest news, the latest report segments, the latest report topic, process monitoring, resource map, ranking of new media, etc.
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