Mediasphere Omnimedia Content Service Platform
Omnimedia content service platform is an important part of omnimedia business network and it can be used to realize cross-media content resource management. The system applies a platform architecture to integrate online omnimedia content resources of the whole station. The foreground provides services with a uniform interface. It supports authority management based department, post and level. The omnimedia content base focuses on functional orientation of resource convergence, resource management and media business support.

Metadata management: mainly for uniform metadata management of converged data of the platform. Metadata of all omnimedia materials must be subject to normalized description as per uniform metadata registration standard, so as to perform reasonable, scientific and uniform management of metadata of media materials.

Classification management: the system can perform classification management based on various content source systems (such as internet (website, bbs, microblog and WebChat) information (converged on internet news convergence platform) capture and record system, communication system, PGC, UGC, 3G/4G return system and concentrated uploading system); classification can be personalized based on user’s needs; and the platform has a smart classification function.

Intelligent retrieval: the system shall support the capacity of integration with third-party intelligent retrieval engine, so as to realize uniform retrieval of converged contents. After retrieval of corresponding program, you can view, dot, quote or download.

Content check: select omnimedia contents from omnimedia content base. Journalists and editors in charge can select contents from omnimedia content base based on needs.

Functions and Features:
1.Uniform storage and retrieval of mass data 
The omnimedia content base will carry texts, pictures, videos/audios and mass metadata generated by internet and business system in the station. Apply an unstructured data mode to store original data, so as to provide original certificate for further data mining in the future and make retrieval and use more efficient.

2.Precise push and guidance through big data analysis 
The omnimedia news convergence service platform performs “smart” discovery for converged contents through cloud computing and big data analysis, forms hot news and hot words on internet, performs real-time analysis for topics on news media to form a rank, and provides reference data for news planning.

3.News clue convergence without time limit and space limit 
The omnimedia news convergence service platform can uniformly converge contents on internet (professional website, microblog, WebChat), news communication, journalist’s return, living return, UGC disclosure, hotline, cooperating organization, multi-channel recording and back production in studio into the omnimedia content base.
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