CDV Granted Application & Product Awards of BIRTV2016
The Award Ceremony of the Appraisal Activities of the Products, Technologies and Applications Projects of BIRTV was held at Beijing International Hotel on 23rd August 2016. Newsphere Integrated News Services Cloud Platform and Aguila Intelligent NLE Cloud Platform from CDV were granted the Application Project Award and the Product Award respectively.

BIRTV Awards co-sponsored by BIRTV Organizing Committee and “Advanced Television Engineering” magazine are one of the most well-known in China broadcasting industry. The Review Committee of the Appraisal Activities of the Products, Technologies and Applications Projects of BIRTV consisting of professional scholars, experts, and authorities select the awards under strict and objective criteria. Five out of ninety-seven application projects were selected and awarded, and Newsphere Integrated News Services Cloud Platform from CDV is one of those five for its notable effects in building up and promoting the TV integrated media technical platform.

Newsphere Integrated News Services Cloud Platform organizes and deploys all-media news business on the mixed cloud infrastructure in high efficiency and scientifically. It provides TV news center an intelligent integrated news services cloud platform for contents aggregation, sharing, management, processing, and distribution of all-media.  It enables news production to develop in the fragmental, categorized, and customized directions, and to transform into multi-screen integrated production, multi-dimension application and multi-terminal services. It is being used in SMG TV News Center with notable effect which  gets lots of positive reactions in the industry.

Aquila Intelligent NLE Cloud Platform is a NLE system on the cloud for real-time editing, resources sharing, application interchanging, human parallel co-ordination, and on-time information transfer. It enables users to operate resources on the public cloud and private cloud individually. Without geographically limitation, it uploads camera shooting and fast editing to the cloud in high-speed, and it edits and packages in real-time, and does multi-format compositing and pushing on the cloud. The local workstations are so powerful that the platform gives users the operation experiences of more convenience and comfortability.

By the company motto ”Always Moving Forward”, CDV always keeps exploring and practicing to provide more and more advanced solutions and services to the users.

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