CDV Listed on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

China Digital Video Holdings Limited (stock code 8280.HK) was listed successfully on the Growth Enterprise Market of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 27th June 2016.The share price was set at HK$ 1.90 and the net proceeds were HK$ 234.4 million. China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited (CDV) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company which is its business operation entity.

Under the stable development of digital media technologies in China,CDV has been providing a full range of solutions, products, and services to all TV broadcasters, cable network operators, and content providers of internet media by focusing on video content post-production as the key link. The Company has become the leader through over twenty year development in the local industry.

Keeping pace with the integrated media era, and taking “Internet+” mentality  to interpret media integration, CDV has implemented the intelligent, interactive, and internet characteristic sharing cloud platform based on cloud computing and big data supporting the brandnew ecosystem of the “video cloud + internet”. Moreover the Company had made high commitment to the innovation and the research and development of technologies with lots of achievements and accomplishments. It has owned the largest intellectual property portfolio in the TV broadcasting industry in China up to now including 353 PRC-registered patents, and 144 PRC-registered software and other copyrights. It has applied for 572 patents to the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC.

The successful listing on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is a key milestone of the company development history of CDV.  Looking into the future, the Company will keep going with the industry development trend to provide the customers with high-quality solutions. By the company motto “Always Moving Forward”, it will go further to develop innovative products and services to increase the market shares of its core business. Furthermore it will develop transforming solutions to fulfill the requirements of individual digital media, and high-quality diversified product combos to give comprehensive experiences of products and services to the customers. CDV’s long term goal for this mobile internet era is establishing as the largest digital video focused internet group company in China. It is highly expected that the Company will have more and further great achievements and accomplishments.

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