CDV Assisting the Collaboration Center in Realizing “5G+8K” Broadcast Demonstration Application of Major Event for the First Time in The World

Recently, at the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Beijing, the world’s first “5G+8K” outside broadcast van designed and made under the leadership of Ultra High Definition Video (Beijing) Production Technology Collaboration Center (hereinafter referred to as “Collaboration Center”) made a broadcast testing of the event. Hundreds of spectators watched the 8K signal broadcast by 5G real-time transmission on the outdoor large screen of Wukesong Basketball Park, marking the first demonstration application of China’s “5G+8K” technology in major international events.


The “5G+8K” broadcast testing of the event by the Coordination Center had been highly valued by CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal People’s Government. In order to accelerate the demonstration application of “5G+8K”, Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology had led the establishment of a special group and formulated and implemented the “5G+8K” demonstration application work plan together with Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television, Beijing Municipal Communications Administration, Haidian District Government, etc., so as to strengthen overall coordination. The Coordination Center took charge of promoting the implementation of the task, and connectivity of the entire system was finally achieved after 70 days.

Wang Gang, Director of Beijing Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, said, “The test application of China’s first 5G + 8K outside broadcast van in international sports events is a example of the international cooperation of Beijing’s sophisticated industries, representing that Beijing has become internationally advanced in ultra-high-definition video. The Coordination Center is a new mechanism and model of global innovation cooperation and coordinated development, jointly developed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Beijing Municipal People’s Government under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is an exploration and practice of collaborative innovation and utilizing Beijing’s core innovation resources by centering on the city’s functional position and combining with the construction of “four centers”. The Coordination Center is underpinned by a market-oriented mechanism, and designed to provide 8K broadcast for the 2022 Winter Olympics. It uses China’s “5G+8K” ultra-high-definition outside broadcast van as an important way to gather advanced global technological resources, and 8K ultra-high-definition video as a driver to present better visual experience for spectators, thus leading a group of enterprises in Beijing to realize technological innovations and breakthroughs.”

“5G+8K integrated development has embraced the strategic window of industrial development. While strengthening efforts to make breakthroughs in key technologies in the 5G and 8K fields, Beijing has taken major sports events as an opportunity to accelerate the verification and demonstration applications of 5G+8K technology, which has injected strong vitality into the development of this emerging field,” said Xu Qiang, Secretary Party Leadership Group and Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology.

Ren Aiguang, Deputy Director of Electronic Information Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said, “The 5G+8K broadcast van made by the Collaboration Center is a major event in the development of China’s ultra-high-definition video industry with a monumental significance in the front-end making of ultra-high-definition video. As the world’s first 5G+8K full service outside broadcast van, it is not only a key component of the ultra-high-definition video front-end system, but also an important verification platform for front-end equipment, which can provide strong support for smoothing the 5G+8K industry chain, promoting the application of ultra-high-definition video, and effectively enhancing the iterative and progressive application of China’s technology equipment.”

This “5G+8K” outside broadcast van integrates the world’s top video and audio technologies and equipment, including 8K slow motion, 8K graphic packaging, 8K high-speed network and storage, 8K software and hardware codecs, and systematic and centralized control of the top video and audio system of the entire car, etc., enabling localization of some key technologies and equipment.

Among them, CDV’s 8K graphic subtitle packaging system, 8K recording and slow motion production system provided 8K Chinese subtitles, on-site score templates, 8K recording and 8K slow motion services in the broadcast, and helped the Collaboration Center realize demonstration application of “5G+8K” broadcast of major events for the first time in the world with its stable on-site performance.

CDV’s Graphite 8K online graphic packaging system uses ultra-clear TV program packaging technology to deepen online packaging applications, expands interactive display applications such as large screens and video walls with a new structure. It leverages creative and digital means to compare with the internationally advanced rendering technology and information processing ability to create pleasant and shocking video contents.

The graphite 8K online packaging system is designed mainly to support 8K, 4K and HD broadcast, and fully meet the technical requirements of the transition period from HD to 8K based on meeting the application requirements of the traditional online packaging of TV stations. Relying on the excellent rendering performance provided by the “Graphite” platform, it is equipped with a high-performance graphics card and 4 I/O cards to achieve UHD 8K output, including 8K fill output and 8K key output.

In addition, “Graphite” optimizes the production method of subtitles and graphics based on the original products based on the subtitle graphics and text, and presets a variety of subtitle effects, color effects and animation effects, greatly reducing the application threshold and meeting users’ various requirements.

CDV VSE-8K supports the recording, capture and slow-motion playback of video with a 8K (7680 * 3840) resolution. It can provide live broadcast of slow motion in a stand-alone or online manner, in a single or multiplayer mode. It supports slow-motion console and mouse-keyboard operation method, uses a friendly operation interface, custom operations and other methods to provide users with more convenient services. Meanwhile, the device supports the combination of video playback and capture and editing functions, which is convenient for users to build.

In addition, the new generation of mobile communication companies including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Nufront and Gehua worked together to present three demonstration broadcast scenes with unprecedented lineups and technologies.

From August 31 to September 15, the Coordination Center used the “5G+8K” technology to broadcast eight games of Basketball World Cup in Beijing Division. It used the world’s first “5G +8K” outside broadcast van and professional 8K broadcasting video camera made by the Coordination Center, and cooperated with the professional director of Beijing TV to record and produce the game on the spot. Through the integration of 5G and 8K technologies, viewers not present at the scene can experience the charm of ultra high speed and definition, and enjoy good demonstration application effects.

In addition, with NSA and SA 5G networking methods of the three major operators, i.e. Beijing Mobile, Beijing Unicom and Beijing Telecom, EUHT network of Nufront and Beijing Gehua, technical support of Huawei and ZTE, the exciting 8K picture of the event was transmitted in real time from Wukesong Indoor Stadium to the LED large screen in Haidian Sports Park, 110-inch TV, three 8K projection terminals of the Coordination Center in Tongzhou. The real-time 8K live broadcast brought an unprecedented large-screen, ultra-high-defination viewing experience of sports events to spectators.

The broadcast testing of the Basketball World Cup is the first project in Beijing that has fully advanced the demonstration application of “5G+8K” technology. In the future, the Coordination Center will carry out “5G+8K” technology demonstration applications in a series of major events, speed up the breakthrough in key technologies, product development and ecological cultivation, so as to make full preparations for the live broadcast of 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

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