Enterprise Profile 

China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited (CDV for short), established in 1990, has been committed to provision of leading content production and operation-related technologies and services in the digital media field.After development in more than 20 years, CDV has become the “navigator” of the development trend of digital media technologies in China, and its various products and solutions based on independent innovation are widely applied in a wide variety of fields.

As a well-known domestic digital media technology provider, CDV, by virtue of its leading and innovative expertise, provides products with proprietary intellectual property rights such as graphic and text production system, non-linear editing system, network production and broadcasting system, virtual studio system, as well as various specialized digital media content production and operation solutions and technical services including new media application, data media service, rebroadcast technology service, construction, operation and maintenance of International Broadcast Center (IBC).

CDV is upholding the enterprise spirit of “keep moving forward” and constantly creating new excellence. CDV is worthy of expectation!
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